• Welcome to Kustom Hustle

    Welcome to Kustom Hustle

    Kickin’ ass since June 2014.

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  • Marcus Dove

    Marcus Dove

    Specializing in traditional tattoo, Marcus is the owner of Kustom Hustle.

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  • Ashley Cox

    Ashley Cox

    Tattooing since August 2014, Ashley strives to create bold, clean work in her ever-expanding tattoo style.

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  • Chris Norrell

    Chris Norrell

    Fine artist Chris Norrell brings his artistic eye to a variety of tattoo styles.

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  • Anthony Ojeda

    Anthony Ojeda

    Tattooing since 2008, Anthony Ojeda keeps his tattoos rooted in traditional tattooing.

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Savannah’s Best Tattoo Parlor

In June of 2014, Marcus Dove decided to open a tattoo parlor that would appreciate the gravity of quality custom body art. Utilizing a series of artists, who practice several different styles of tattoo artwork, the shop is a welcome place for tattoo enthusiasts and creative collaborators alike.

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Kustom Hustle Testimonials

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  • Marcus Dove is a certified bad ass with a tattoo gun. What ever is in your head, he will put it on paper before he scribes it onto your body. He’s a real artist with real talent. Heavy handed and very fast. Clean lines that last forever.

    - Eric Mathias

  • This was my first tattoo and they were all great from the first time I contacted to getting the tattoo. Ashley was awesome and I would highly recommend her and the shop. Great place.

    - Kathy Finney

  • Tatted by Ashley. She’s great. Very talented, fast and friendly. Thanks!

    - Nakia Ford

  • The most amazing artists and shop in Georgia! This place has cool decor, friendly service, super clean and the coolest folks in earth are here.

    - Robin Moore

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